Access to Black Doctors and Diversity in Healthcare

Why we exist


Shortage of Black Doctors

Only about 5% of practicing physicians in the United States are black (SOURCE: AAMA)


Chronic Disease in Black Community

9 health conditions within the black population result in a higher death rate than other races


Benefits of Seeing Black Doctor

Facts shown in numerous studies prove black patients benefit from seeing a black doctor

Healthcare Diversity Platform

We engage with healthcare organizations to expand diversity and develop improved solutions for health disparities in our communities:
  • Develop opportunities for Black-owned and operated medical practices to expand and sustain
  • Engage our national Network of black physicians and providers, offering opportunities to expand their personal & professional goals
  • Assist organizations with diversifying their medical staff to more effectively service diverse populations
  • Bridge the gap between healthcare organizations and Black doctors/providers for diversity and equity
  • Communicate the importance of and need for black doctors within our communities
  • Connect individuals with black doctors through direct engagement
  • Support efforts to increase the number of black doctors
  • A resource for locating healthcare services
  • Bring awareness of health topics important to Black and minority communities

Straight from the Doctors

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