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Founded by an African-American board-certified, infectious diseases physician and medical epidemiologist, Grapevine Health is a digital health media organization established to build trust and improve patient engagement amoung Medicaid patients through delivering culturally appropriate and relatable health information.

The voice of the community

Grapevine Health creates engaging and educational content incorporating the voice of the community for digital distribution at scale via smartphones, social media and the Internet.


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Solutions to Help You Make a True Impact in the Community

For Health Systems
  • Grapevine Health assists health systems, medical providers and researchers with strategies to prepare for and improve community outreach and engagement, including assistance with the design and delivery of culturally-appropriate communications and marketing.

For Community Partners and Stakeholders
  • Expert services include: health communication review, revision and translation; community health education and digital literacy; health expert speaking engagements; and available to the community to assist with understanding health information, including symptoms, diagnoses, and medications.

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Over half of U.S. adults have trouble understanding and interpreting health information. And trust in healthcare is at an all-time low.
  • Health Literacy & Trust: Their mission is to create relatable, compelling health content that increases health literacy, promotes trust between patients and medical professionals, and improves health outcomes for underserved communities.
  • Empower Patients, Drive Healthy Behaviors: With roots in healthcare, technology, and community organizing, our team leverages technical expertise, trusted messengers, and empathetic storytelling to democratize health information, empower patients, and drive sustaining healthy behaviors.

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