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Gateway Community Health Centers

Dedicated physicians and support staff fulfilling a mission of caring for the community
Gateway Community Health Centers Black Doctors in Elizabeth City

Be part of impacting the lives of those who need you most
Gateway Community Health Centers is seeking primary care physicians for their 4 clinic locations in Elizabeth City, Gatesville and Tyner, North Carolina to service the needs of these communities and offer a diverse medical staff for their patients.

Available Job Openings:
Pediatrician: Part-time
Family Physician: Part-time
Internal Medicine: Part-time

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Job Description

Pediatrician/Internal Medicine/Family Physician: Part-time   
Elizabeth City, Gatesville & Tyner, NC

Rural health physician practice opportunity for the semi-retired physician looking for the opportunity to continue caring for patients on a part-time basis. Immediate placement after credentialing is required. Clean NPDB is a must. Part-time, no benefits. Great patient care engagement and professional teamwork skills are required.

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Black Doctor Job Elizabeth City NC

Gateway Community Health Centers
A Gateway to Better Health Outcomes

Gateway Community Health Centers, Inc.(GCHC) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation headquartered in Gatesville, North Carolina celebrating 8 years of providing quality healthcare service to northeastern counties of North Carolina. The project began as a shared planning effort spearheaded by concerned community leaders.

GCHC provides medical services to the residents and seasonal and migrant health workers in the service area and remain the principal source of support for this indigent, medically underserved community. Our goal is quite simple –keep our organization as the primary safety net provider of quality healthcare services for those in need through a medium of care that improves health outcomes.

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