mobile health records eLife Portable Patient Health Summary

eLife™ Portable Patient Health Summary
Always have your important health information available on your mobile device

A summary of your health records available on your mobile device in case of emergency or change of care, allowing providers to have immediate access to your most important and relevant health information.


Did You Know...

About 1 million people die

Each year, about 1 million people die from having procedures done in the ER without doctors knowing their medical history

Medical records are extensive

Medical records can be extensive and take alot of time to review versus the eLife™ summary that can quickly be viewed in critical situations

You can save time & money

Having this health information readily available can save you the cost and inconvenience of unneccessary medical tests or procedures

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A Life-Saving Solution for You and Your Loved Ones

Have your patient medical history available for an ER visit or if you are seeing a new physician, instantly providing them with the most important health information they need to treat you and avoid any issues or delays.

  Medical history including medications, allergies, hospitalizations, health conditions, surgeries and more
  Can save you money and inconvenience of repeating medical tests
  Secure network to protect your health information
  100% HIPAA compliant
  Certified by a registered nurse
  Helpful medical recommendations provided through personal dashboard
  Available 24 hours a day all over the world by smart phone/device
  Receive QR code bracelet for emergency access option
  Does not replace the legal medical record of any provider
  Two Options: Pay only $12.99/month or $100 for a whole year

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